SEK Education Group has ten international schools in total, one in France, one in Qatar, one in Ireland, one in Saudi Arabia and six in Spain. SEK International Schools offer an international education which focusses on the individual student. They also offered the prestigious Baccalaureate Organisation Programmes PYP, MYP and Diploma.


Schools in Spain

SEK International School El Castillo

Northwest, Madrid.See school

SEK International School Ciudalcampo

Northern, Madrid.See school

SEK International School Santa Isabel

Central, Madrid.See school

SEK International School Atlántico

Poio, Pontevedra.See school

SEK International School Catalunya

La Garriga, Barcelona.See school

SEK International School Alborán

El Ejido, Almería.See school

Schools abroad

SEK International School Dublin

Dublin, Ireland.See school

SEK International School Les Alpes

Les Alpes, France.See school

SEK International School Qatar

Doha, Qatar.See school

SEK International School Riyadh

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.See school

SEK International School Online

SEK International School Online

From 16 to 19 years of age Online.See school


Camilo José Cela University

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) is a private, plural, humane and independent university, founded in the year 2000, with two campuses in Madrid (in the Villafranca del Castillo residential estate and on Almagro street, in the heart of the city). In addition, it promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, technology and digitization, social impact and wellbeing as its four strategic axes.

Entrepreneurship and innovation, through our courses such as the Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and accelerators such as SEKLAB – Edtech Accelerator and the UCJC Impact Lab.

Technology and digitization to improve adaptation processes in the face of the digital transformation of today’s society.

Social impact because we play a crucial role in achieving the SDGs by contributing to and reinforcing the interests of students and the social impact that their present and future actions should have.

Wellbeing to ensure personal balance, both physical and emotional, which may have a direct impact on the processes of acquiring content and skills.

Aware that the world is interdependent, complex and changing, UCJC offers up-to-date and innovative education and training in every field of work specialisation. The goal is for students to acquire an interdisciplinary preparation and a set of transversal skills that complement their academic and professional training. These skills are tackled in a set of areas that range from the personal to the social sphere, promoting a holistic transformation process through learning. These skills are taught in The Hive (La Colmena) using challenge-based learning defined around our strategic axes: entrepreneurship, digitization, social impact and wellbeing.

Camilo Jose Cela University, together with HM Hospitales, have launched an innovative university project that includes undergraduate and postgraduate education in the area of Health Sciences. Its schools of Education, Health, Technology and Science, and Communications and Humanities offer 26 degrees and 20 joint degrees, 37 official master’s degrees and 18 UCJC master’s degrees. Postgraduate degrees include 23 expert university courses and 8 specialist university courses.

In addition, UCJC offers 10 higher level vocational training qualifications (VT) and one intermediate level one, with internships at companies of recognised national and international prestige.

UCJC has a third campus on the Mediterranean Sea, aboard the school ship the Cervantes Saavedra.

Camilo José Cela University, as part of SEK Education Group, is the first certified university with BCorp seal in Spain.