Studying at SEK-El Castillo private school is much more than just going to school. It is a learning experience that fosters the development of students’ intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills and affords them an international perspective.

Located in an exclusive and safe setting, SEK-El Castillo boasts a beautiful natural backdrop of mountains and forest  and is just 20 minutes from downtown Madrid. The school is outfitted with the latest technology in teaching and learning, with the best, evidence-based practices in IB private school education. Moreover, next door is the Camilo José Cela University with whom our students are often encouraged to collaborate on projects and learning beyond the classroom.





1. Dining Hall

2. Central Courtyard

3. High School

4. Recreation Area

5. Boys Dormitory

6. Primary School

7. Primary Playground

8. Girls Dormitory

9. Maker Space

10. Music Studios

11. Secondary School

12. Soccer 7 Official Pitch

13. Outdoor Sports Facilities

14. IB MYP and DP

15. Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

16. Indoor Pool

17. Forest School

18. Preschool Sports Area

19. Early Childhood

20. Nursery

21. Principal’s Office

22. Administration Building

23. Main Entrance


Facilities: Innovative Spaces

The learning spaces are flexible, they make it possible for students and teachers to work as teams and include all necessary resources.

The school is located in an environment with extensive green and sports areas, on a campus of 40,000m².

It comprises:

  • Separate buildings for each educational stage, with communicating walkways.
  • A campus that acts as a meeting place for our students.

Every learning space has its own facilities and equipment.


Learning Spaces Highlights

School sports activity ranges from psychomotor activity and swimming for the little ones (integrated into the school timetable), up to intensive training, competitions and tournaments

Generous sports facilities, amongst which stand out:

A 1,000m² sports arena: tennis and handball court, basketball courts, 5-a-side football, 4 multi-purpose rooms (taekwondo, psychometrics, dance, skating and theatre).

1,000m² heated swimming pool with solar panels to heat the water and maintain a proper temperature.

Beach volleyball court.

Open-air sports areas for basketball, handball and football.

The UCJC Sports Club is next to the school, with its 140,000 square metres of sports facilities and a wide variety of activity options: tennis, paddle tennis, horse riding, swimming, golf…


SEK Intelligent Classrooms are open classrooms that encourage investigation, experimentation, the acquisition of knowledge at the student’s own speed and the development of social, co-operative working, critical thinking and self-awareness skills. Always aided by technology and other resources.

Innovation and technology in the classroom:

  • Physics, chemistry and biology laboratories
  • Art classroom
  • Multimedia classroom
  • Robotics classroom
  • Painting studio
  • Music rooms
  • Library
  • Conference room
  • Radio transmitter


From Nursery Education to the Baccalaureate, the use of digital equipment and platforms extends without limit each student’s learning opportunities.

Virtual Learning Community 2.0

  • Interactive digital whiteboards in all classrooms, Netbooks, eBooks, iPads.
  • BiblioSEK, a virtual space filled with learning resources
  • SEK Intranet.
  • Virtual learning platform.
  • SEK Responde (SEK replies): virtual academic assistance for students of compulsory secondary education and Baccalaureate.
  • MySEK, Parents online room, electronic shop, Media SEK audiovisual channel, virtual community for former students.
  • The School’s Comunidades (Communities) 2.0, “Windows Live@edu” collaborative tool.
  • Our students’ systems for collaboration and research through the medium of Wikis, Podcasts, Webquests or their own blogs.

From secondary school onwards, the shool offers the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system with lockers equipped with electrical chargers to store and charge their personal computers, and a portal with applications for helping students with their activities.