Studying at SEK-El Castillo offers a wonderful opportunity for students from abroad to come and study in cosmopolitan Madrid, the 3rd largest city in the European Union.Living in Madrid is a culturally enriching experience, from world class museums and beautiful green zones to historic places of interest and thriving arts scene that engage people from all over the world. Madrid is also well-known for its wonderful climate year-round as well as for its friendly and welcoming people.


Spain is one of the safest and most dynamic countries in Europe, providing a nurturing and exciting place to live, study, and grow. SEK-El Castillo is located 20 minutes outside of the capital, in the gated community of Villafranca del Castillo, surrounded by nature and well-connected by public transportation.



SEK-El Castillo provides a wide range of languages for students coming from different countries. Our entire curriculum can be delivered in English with bilingual options for those who are interested:

Nursery Education (from 4 months to 3 years old). From 1 year old is delivered 100% in English with native-speaking or bilingual teachers (native level).

The International Baccalaureate® programmes are offered from 3 up to 18 years of age.

  • In Secondary Education there are 3 academic pathways depending on the level of English of the students: in Spanish, English or bilingual.
  • In Baccalaureate, our students can choose to take the Diploma Programme in English and/or Spanish, or the Spanish Bachillerato where they can choose some subjects in English.
  • From years 3 to 4 Primary students are taught French and German simultaneously. As of year 5, students must choose between French or German (2 h / week).

What is more, our rigorous programme and class sizes mean that, from mathematics to science, the humanities to the arts our students are challenged in an academic environment which ensures their progress and preparation at the very best level.

As an international school we have several accreditations (IB®, NEASC, ECIS, etc.) and programmes that are open to all of our students. With NEASC accreditation we offer an accredited American High School Diploma, to all students graduating the DP.

For students whose mother tongue is not English, we offer the renowned Cambridge language exams in addition to this, we also offer the French DELF, Spanish Cervantes Institute exams, and German Goethe Institute Exams.

Come study with us in Madrid!



Immersion programmes

The following stay periods are open to any student, currently abroad, who wishes to come to SEK-EL Castillo to continue their studies and live in an immersive English environment.

Full academic year (September to June)

  • 1 term (September to December). This stay does not apply to IB Diploma students
  • 1 semester (January to June). This stay does not apply for IB Diploma students
  • For Irish students who want to apply for their Transition Year the minimum stay is 3 months.

NOTE: Other stay options will be carefully studied by the admissions and counselling department



Studying in Spain

We are excited to welcome non-European Union students into our school, believing it to enrich our culture and develop international-mindedness and cross-cultural understanding. Studying at our school and boarding on campus will be a life-changing and wonderful experience.

Students from the EU do not need to apply for a VISA.

NON-EU students need to apply for a VISA before their arrival, which can be obtained through their local embassy. The school will provide the Admissions Letter in order to submit it to the Embassy for the VISA process.

The Spanish Immigration Service has a webpage where you can check whether you need a visa to study in Spain.





Guardianship is a practical and moral support system for young students who are studying in a foreign country, away from their parents. It provides reassurances to students, their parents, and the schools they are attending, that should a student need any additional care, support or assistance, there is somebody nearby who can, and will, help.

If an international student does not have relatives or close friends living in Spain who will act as a guardian or host family, then you must engage the services of a guardian while studying in Spain. All international students must have a guardian during their time in the school, regardless of their age. SEK-El Castillo can provide this service. For more information please enquire by filling out the Contact Form below.