It is an honour and a privilege to share with you news and projects from SEK International School El Castillo for this new 23/24 school year:

  1. FLM sequence (MYP1 and 2): We will continue with our International Learning Model, providing our students with a high-quality global education based on the Intelligent Classroom sequence, where we will fundamentally focus on the learning pace of all students.
  2. Mentoring for new teachers: Each new teacher will have an experienced mentor to facilitate their integration and professional growth.
  3. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability and Social Impact: We will continue working, taking into account these decisive strategic lines that serve to offer an education with global opportunities for our students, academic excellence, a different and committed education with outstanding facilities and inspiring learning spaces.
  4. SEK Diploma for ESO years 3 and 4: We will reward the achievements of our year 3 and 4 ESO students with a SEK diploma.
  5. RULER Programme: We have scheduled 20 sessions of this emotional intelligence and well-being programme for our educational community.
  6. Opening of new schools: We are excited about the opening of two new schools in the Middle East and SEK Online, with the online IB Diploma Programme, which will expand our educational impact.
  7. SEK Professional Code of Ethics: We will present the SEK Professional Code of Ethics, based on a competency framework.
  8. At SEK Education Group we seek excellence. We take on the challenge of educating people who forge ahead to build a better world. Our competency model pursues a transformational education that ensures a positive relationship with ourselves, with society and the planet.It is the compass that charts our course to educate and is integrated into all curricular content and those complementary to the curriculum. With five transformations that are realised in everyday learning, it promotes the development of skills and attitudes that will allow your children to face the challenges of today’s world.
  9. School Digital Plan: As part of our commitment to innovation, we will implement a School Digital Plan that will require the active participation of all members of the educational community.
  10. Community Project: We will launch our Community Project, where everyone will be able to contribute to the well-being of our community and beyond.
  11. Coursera: We will continue our collaboration with Coursera to offer high-quality online learning opportunities.

I encourage you to visit us and learn more about the learning experience we offer our students at SEK International School El Castillo.

Eloísa López

Head of School