Taking into consideration the individual differences of each new student, we have designed an admissions process that allows us to get to know the student and their family and respond to their particular needs. We offer places throughout the year, and depending on the educational stage, we have different admission criteria.

Limited places.



  • Request information via the web, email or telephone.
  • Arrange, with the New Students Officer, a visit to the school, if desired.
  • Send the completed and scanned documentation.
  • Arrange interview and entrance test.
  • The Admissions Committee will send the final response to the family as soon as the corresponding decision has been taken.

For all queries please send an email to:

Our admissions policy can be downloaded here.



The New Students Officer will offer guidance and support to international students to help them integrate themselves into school life. Every student is continuously monitored by a tutor throughout their academic career.

Those students wishing to take the admissions test remotely, please contact

Below, we detail the documentation required for the start of the process:

  • Identity document for both parents and students.
  • Spanish ‘Libro de Familia’ or birth certificate for foreign students.
  • Marks or report cards assessing the previous academic year or progress up to application.
  • Skype interview with the student / family for all students who cannot sit the tests in the school.
  • Other specific documents depending on the academic stage they apply for, which will be sent before the interviews.



Our welcome plan aims to help new international students and their families into our educational community. To achieve this goal we have designed strategies and measures that facilitate and help students and families in their adaptation.


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