Baccalaureate on a volunteer trip to India

In this academic year, students taking Baccalaureate are participating in voluntary work in southern India. As part of their end-of-year trip, over 10 students are taking part in a project to take technological equipment to a school in the region and are learning about and collaborating with sustainable agriculture and daily school activities.

This initiative includes collaboration with AIPC Pandora, a non-profit organisation working in Global Service Learning, based on generating projects that combine learning content, skills and values with doing voluntary service.

With a totally experiential focus, the attainment of learning objectives included in the project ensures the learning of transversal skills, essential for educating young people as global citizens. The concepts tackled are:

  • Empathy: participants are exposed to complex social situations with a highly humanitarian aspect, enabling them to understand and empathise with beneficiaries.
  • Academic and work aspects: projects are run according to academic fields and to develop professional methods and techniques, guided by teachers the project aims to simulate pre-work, professional environments.
  • Entrepreneurship Development of an analytic and proactive spirit and the ability to define and manage projects, exchanging knowledge and professional know-how with local organisations.
  • Positive and participative leadership in multicultural international environments.
  • Team work: development of the capacity to co-create and work with classmates from any background and culture.
  • Intercultural: Experiences and ideas are shared with the host organisation and the local community, understanding other points of view and fostering tolerance and solidarity in a multicultural context.
  • Communication skills: Improving verbal and non-verbal language, language diversity, active listening, understanding differences and assertiveness, etc.
  • Personal skills: It develops autonomy, self-confidence, fostering awareness of their own capabilities, weaknesses, desires and needs.

Images of the trip on Flickr and the School Blog.

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