SEK-El Castillo recognised as a ‘Microsoft Showcase School’ for its educational leadership

The SEK-El Castillo school has once again gained international recognition as a Microsoft Showcase School, which identifies schools committed to the digital transformation to improve teaching and learning.

With several innovative educational projects based on technology, SEK-El Castillo is committed to improving its teaching and learning processes with the use of mobile devices, access to content via digital platforms, collaborative tools based on Office 365, and the production of their own digital content by teachers and students.

The Microsoft Showcase Schools designation is a reward for schools that consider technology to have an essential role in the new ways of redesigning learning spaces, restructuring the syllabus, reinventing teaching, and reimagining what the 21st century will bring and how learning will change direction in different contexts.

But technology needs a good foundation of teaching skills and methodology. For this reason, SEK-El Castillo applies strategies based on creating immersive, inclusive experiences that inspire continuous learning and stimulate the development of basic skills in order to empower the students. Some of these strategies are applied in the Flipped Classroom/Learning and the Digital Smart Classroom, which enhance learning by doing.

But the challenges do not stop there. Based on the latest technological solutions, SEK-El Castillo works to offer an entire ecosystem of services for our educational community, from a single point and with a single user. Asking for a meeting with a tutor, getting the latest news, seeing how students learn, or having a personal learning environment.

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