KM-Challenge and What I do matters awarded at the 4th Felipe Segovia Symposium

The SEK-El Castillo Educational Community received two awards at the 4th Felipe Segovia Symposium. The project entitled Km Challenge, presented by Astrid Montón and Raúl Rollón, and the What I do matters programme presented by Sonia Mera and Janet Timms.


xxxThe awarded works highlight the effort of professionals to achieve awareness of students on important issues such as physical health and the environment.

Both programmes are based on students’ responsibility and participation and were showcased at the workshops that were held last Friday at the event organised by the Felipe Segovia Foundation.

Km-Challenge is an innovative initiative that combines physical exercise and emotional involvement and What I do matters is an inquiry project into the difficulties of eliminating plastic waste.

SEK Education Group, University Camilo José Cela and SEK International Schools, held its fourth Felipe Segovia Symposium on 16 November, a place of reflection and meeting for the SEK Educational Community (teachers, students and families). The event showcased the work of teachers who have launched innovative, interdisciplinary and socially committed educational experiences. This Symposium featured the presentation of 45 initiatives, representing the diversity of educational models and content developed in the classrooms in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate in the nine SEK schools and University Camilo José Cela over the last academic year.

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