La Sexta showcases the key elements of the SEK educational model to promote science vocations

La Sexta news screened a report featuring the SEK education model and how its methods enable it to maximize the potential of each student, particularly in areas related to science and technology.

The video highlights the work of educators from SEK-El Castillo in the areas of science and technology, and shows several students working in the school maker space, a space applying the learning-by-doing ethos, with which students, in the words of the Principal Eloísa López, “can develop, create, invent … and get to build something for themselves “.

Francisco López Rupérez, director of the University Camilo José Cela Chair on Educational Policies, also appeared in the piece to explain why girls choose degrees in science. “In the case of scientific options, it seems that what is key is the transfer of expectations by the mother” he said.

López Rupérez published a study entitled ‘Scientific education in the Autonomous Regions. Knowledge and skills in light of PISA 2015 last November. The document points out that the general shortage of STEM vocations in Spain is particularly sever in the case of girls: only 16.3% of Spanish adolescents of 15 years of age contemplate dedicating themselves to this area when they are adults and of that percentage, only 4.2 percent corresponds to female students and 12 percent to boys.

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