SEK-El Castillo students enhance their speaking skills with the instructors of the UCJC Debate Club

SEK-El Castillo students have taken part in a session of the  University Camilo José Cela Debate Club. The session was given by an expert in oratory and debating, Carlota Delso, who, together Antonio Fabregat and Yolanda González, collaborates in the training offered by UCJC for the CICAE-UCJC Debate League.

The objective of the advanced debate session with SEK-El Castillo is two-fold. On the one hand, it seeks to further enhance their skills as speakers and debaters. Although they already have extensive experience, this session has been aimed at transferring techniques and tips to maximize their potential. On the other, the session aims to give the students a taste of University Camilo José Cela Debate Club.

According to the world debating champion, Antonio Fabregat, who is the club’s instructor and SEK alumnus, “we believe it is an initiative and an experience that can be of immense value and the best way for them to get to know its characteristics is to take part. ” In his opinion, public speaking and debate skills “are an essential part of today’s education. Technical knowledge is, of course, the main pillar of higher education or university degrees. However, soft skills and, specifically, oratory, can be a keystone for the students to showcase that knowledge and to be persuasive and convincing.”

The Debate Club aims to provide students with tools and techniques so that when they have to face speaking in public in the future in their personal or professional life, they will be able not only to do so effectively, but with the peace of mind that they know how to control the situation.


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