SEK schools, champions once again at the NASA international stage challenge duel

The delegation of SEK students, consisting of thirteen students from SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-El Castillo, SEK-Catalunya, SEK-Alborán and SEK-Atlántico, obtained their third consecutive victory since 2017 at the International Stage taking place at the NASA Space Center in Houston (Texas).

SEK students competed throughout the week against several top international schools from Malaysia, Colombia and India. Clara Capellas, year 2 Diploma student at SEK-Catalunya, and Leo del Foco, from SEK-Alborán, were among the four students with the best performance at the Stage. Both were also part of the winning team, along with two fellow Colombians.

The tests they passed were focussed on teamwork, with STEAM challenges and took place in a huge maker area, with continuous support from engineers, technicians and NASA instructors. Each student played a different role: Project Manager, Time Controller, Budget Controller, Supplier Engineer …

This year, in addition, the students were able to see the Christmas show at the Space Center, entitled Galaxy NASA Lights. They were also been able to train in other fields such as history, energy, natural sciences and literature. They visited the historic site of El Alamo in the city of San Antonio (Texas); the USS Texas, a US Navy vessel that saw action in World War I and II; the oil companies in South Texas in the Gulf of Mexico; the Houston National Science Museum, and experience Charles Dickens Day in the city of Galveston. In the field of sports and leisure they were able to watch an incredible NBA game between the Houston Rockets and the Phoenix Suns.

The teachers accompanying SEK students on this edition of the NASA Stage were Soraya de la Víbora, coordinator of Sciences at SEK-El Castillo and David Delgado, IB Mathematics maths teacher at SEK-Catalunya.

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