Sustainable Development Goals in the new academic year

“Hello everyone, I’m Silvia Garcia, the new sustainability coordinator at SEKEC and together we are going to find out why it is so important to learn about improving the world in a sustainable way”. This is how I introduced myself to the students in my first presentation to the SEK community. It was a dynamic and interactive session, even with impediments created by masks and social distancing.

As the students explained their views to me, and I guided them in exploring their understandings of sustainability, global citizenship, development, equality, social justice, and economy. Together, we remembered that the world population is growing exponentially, and that even in resource rich countries there is much poverty and inequity. We agreed that education in sustainable development was essential to solving the world’s problems.

We discussed the industrial revolution and compared it to sustainable development, which is development that not only meets the needs of our generation but ensures that future generations can meet their needs too. We explored the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 most pressing social and environmental challenges, and exchanged ideas on how to apply them to the different subjects, activities, and projects they cover through their studies.

Throughout the session, SEK students demonstrated strong critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and the open mind of global citizens. We are going to have these talks throughout the institution on a regular basis over the academic year and I am super excited about the opportunity that they present for both students and teachers, as well as myself.


Because there is not planet B – Ecoalf

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