SEK-El Castillo celebrates the cultural festival of the House System


During the months of April and May we have celebrated the House System’s Cultural Month at SEK El Castillo, where MYP students and teachers have been able to participate in various activities: the Math’s Spring; the Fanfic short tale tournament; the individual art competition Long live art! in collaboration with the UCJC, and the Green Castle Sustainable Art in group competition; and the Talent Wanted competition.

Our House System has therefore continued creating opportunities to develop Learning Principle 10 within the NEASC ACE protocol. These activities “promote respectful, healthy, ethical relationships and interactions that create a true sense of community”. The work done by the four Houses serves to clearly affirm shared values that are lived proactively and to define and sustain our identity as a world school.

All the results and creations from each competition were on display on Monday 31st May at our online Cultural Festival, where the MYP5 Captains named the finalists in each category and we were able to congratulate the winning House for Cultural Month, in this case, House Madiba.


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