SEK- El Castillo Students in the ‘MDE Challenge’ at the GEF & WISE @ Medellín

Students from SEK-El Castillo on behalf of the SEK International Schools are empowered by the Global Education Forum (GEF), enabling their participation in the MDE Challenge along with students from Colegio San José de las Vegas and other schools in Medellin, Colombia.

Collaboratively, TEAM 2 generated strategies to promote food sovereignty in Comuna 13 using the STEAM+H methodology through Design for Change to propose a solution to this challenge associated with the Sustainable Development Goal SDG 2 Zero Hunger. The solutions along with the prototypes created by each team were exhibited as an installation at the GEF & WISE @ Medellín May 24, 2023.

The team visited Comuna 13 raising awareness of the problems in the commune by gathering information from the testimony of community leaders. Our SEK students have been tasked with designing a 3D model for the smart farm prototype in schools that the team has proposed as part of the solution to the challenge. The implementation of the farms would be accompanied by educational action in the form of an extracurricular program for training in cultivating, nutrition, and healthy recipes using the product of the crops.

Finally, we have received an Arduino IOT kit courtesy of Arduino Education, partner of the event, to continue working on research using this tool. From this event the City Challenge is now born to address new challenges, maintaining interconnection, and promoting global citizenship through the application of the proposed solutions in other parts of the planet that could also benefit from them.

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