SEK-El Castillo Wellbeing Day

SEK-El Castillo has worked on a special day of coexistence with the aim of raising awareness among students, families and cloisters about the importance of physical and emotional well-being.

We have enjoyed:

– to take care of the mind: storytelling, games of emotions, and Mindfulness sessions led by experts from the UCJC, as well as collaborative activities on the recognition and expression of emotions.

– to take care of our physique: from yinkanas, fruit stalls, and a menu prepared by the students themselves, under the supervision of Catergest’s nutrition team.

– for our health: workshops on first aid, allergies and anaphylaxis, airway clearance, etc.

We have also had the participation of families in a special visit to the classroom Welcome to the beach, prepared to stimulate positive feelings, challenge and provoke curiosity in the students.

We are convinced that learning and living together is better in a centre where learning takes place in a relaxed and Well-Being atmosphere.