Improvements to SEK-El Castillo

SEK-El Castillo has improved the infrastructure of its facilities during the summer break. With the renovation of a large part of the facilities, both learning spaces and common areas, the school continues its work towards excellence.

Renovations have been carried out in the following spaces:

  • Boarding halls. In the past five years the school has increased its number of international students by over 25%. This progressive and constant increase has been evidenced in the demand for places in the school’s boarding halls. The new demands and needs of boarders have led the School to renovate the common areas and dormitories of the boarding halls.

  • Spaces in the Early Childhood pavilion have been improved and new furniture has been installed.
  • Larger open spaces have been created to bolster the Intelligent Classroom and the Future Learning Model, particularly for MYP 1 (Y6 PS) and MYP 2 (Y1 ESO), to facilitate collaborative learning for these years.
  • The year 4 ESO pavilion, library and work rooms have been completely remodelled and updated and the acoustics have been improved.
  • new entrepreneurship spacefor students has been created and the science labs have been renovated according to the new needs and recommendations made by the audits of different international organisations.

Renovation continues over the summer in outdoor spaces and the furniture in Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Diploma classrooms has been updated. Everything will be ready for the start of the new school year.