Prevention week

During the past week, primary school students from SEK-El Castillo have participated in the Prevention Week with the aim of assuming a preventive culture and taking actions that protect them from the principles of safety, health and wellbeing in any area of their lives. This programme is developed in collaboration with the IRSST Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work of the Community of Madrid (IRSST), and with the Regional Ministry of Education, Science and Universities.  

The aim is to transform prevention into an educational and fun habit, while offering strategies for living in a safer school and family environment full of opportunities to grow up in a healthy way. 

The objectives of the programme include disseminating the concepts of risk prevention; promoting the principles of safety, health and well-being to be applied at home, at school and in the community; generating safe behavioural habits; and encouraging the prevention of the most common risks in primary education, mainly those related to new technologies and school violence. 

The activities carried out consisted of classroom workshops and theatrical performances.