Students from SEK-El Castillo participate in the ‘HP CodeWars Madrid’ event 

Last Saturday, February 17, the enthusiasm and passion for programming were felt at the HP CodeWars Madrid event, where three students from Colegio SEK El Castillo, outstanding members of the programming club and participants of the International Diploma program, demonstrated their ability and skill in solving computer challenges.  

 HP CodeWars Madrid is recognized as a competitive platform for talented young people in the field of programming. Bringing together students from various schools and colleges, this event offers the opportunity to test their technical skills, teamwork and problem-solving abilities in a challenging but rewarding environment. 

The three students from  SEK-El Castillo, whose names are Lucia, Glauk and Guilherme, stood out among the participants thanks to their dedication, creativity and strong computer skills. As active members of the school’s programming club, as well as participants in the International Diploma program, they demonstrated an exceptional commitment to learning and academic excellence. 

During the event, the students faced a series of programming challenges, which tested their ability to think logically, innovate and work under pressure. Their determination and skills allowed them to stand out among the participants, leaving a lasting impression on the event organizers and judges.

From Colegio SEK El Castillo, we congratulate our talented students for their outstanding performance at HP CodeWars Madrid. Their dedication and commitment are a true testament to the quality education we offer, as well as an inspiring example for their peers and future generations of programmers.