Carnival, fun and learning

This year at Nursery, the Carnival celebration took an artistic twist inspired by the work Obliteration Room by talented Japanese artist Yayoi KusamaThis initiative was not only limited to the playful aspect, but was also significantly integrated into the SEK’s Competency Profile. In particular, it focused on Learning for Transformation, highlighting the importance of continuous and constant learning. The activity fostered the development of cognitive and motor skills, while promoting adaptability and openness to new experiences.

The play installation invited students to immerse themselves in an environment where creativity and exploration were at the center of the experience. The children actively participated by decorating the room with circles and experimenting with various elements, such as circles on the light table, projectors, wooden blocks, colored balls and balloons. 

The connection between play and meaningful learning was reflected in the way the children interacted with the elements of the installation. The experience of decorating the room with circles not only stimulated their imagination, but also provided them with an opportunity to explore and understand abstract concepts in a hands-on way, effectively integrating fun and learning into a unique experience.