Primary 3 students preparing for their own First Lego League Explorer

The Primary 3 students are demonstrating their creativity and STEM skills by preparing for their own First Lego League Explorer competition. They are organizing their own event to decide which team will represent our school in this exciting event.   

Using a carefully designed rubric, students will evaluate and select the winning team. From building robots to solving challenges, these bright young people are ready to demonstrate their ingenuity and teamwork.  

We already have a winner! The 3rd grade students have decided on the team that will represent our school at the First Lego League Explorer event. The selected team has demonstrated incredible teamwork, creativity and STEM skills.

Now, with the team ready, we are preparing for the big event that will take place on March 2! At SEK El Castillo School. We are excited to see how our team will shine at the event and proudly represent the 3rd grade of Primary Education.