SEK-El Castillo, among the best in Spain according to educational rankings

The most prestigious educational rankings in our country have been announced recently and, once again, they consolidate our position as leaders in Spain. Forbes magazine, the newspapers El Español and El Mundo praised the excellence of SEK Schools, highlighting their commitment to educational innovation and the all-round education of their students.

Forbes praises our educational model

Forbes has published its list of best schools which includes SEK-El Castillo and also the rest of the SEK Schools in Spain: SEK-Alborán (Almería), SEK-Atlántico (Galicia), SEK-Catalunya (Barcelona), SEK-Ciudalcampo and SEK-Santa Isabel (Madrid). Among the criteria for selection, Forbes has highlighted SEK’s innovative educational model; its Future Learning Model; the promotion of the ‘exploration of concepts and the development of critical and creative thinking skills’; as well as ‘bilingual and international education, with students from over 80 nationalities, who can choose between the national and international curriculum’; an educational curriculum that ‘is enriched with exchange programmes and extracurricular activities such as artistic schools, sports, debate, and academic guidance and reinforcement’ and for the opportunity to ‘carry out group and interdisciplinary social, humanitarian, entrepreneurial, environmental projects’.

El Español includes SEK-El Castillo among the 50 Most Outstanding Schools in Spain

In its guide ‘The Best Schools in Spain for the 2024/2025 Academic Year’, the newspaper El Español recognised SEK-Ciudalcampo among the most outstanding in the country. This inclusion highlights SEK’s educational quality and ongoing commitment to students’ all-round education.

El Mundo highlights excellence at SEK-El Castillo

El Mundo published its classic Best 100 Schools ranking, which this year has marked its 25th anniversary, considering both state-subsidised and private schools that cover all educational stages, from early childhood to baccalaureate. In this context, SEK-El Castillo has been recognised once again for its educational excellence and contribution to the Spanish educational landscape.