The fascinating world of the seventh art

During their study of the Inquiry Unit on Cinema, Primary 6 pupils embarked on the exciting adventure of creating their own short film, inspired by the iconic work of the Lumière Brothers. This project allowed them to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the seventh art and put into practice the knowledge acquired in class.   

Guided by their curiosity and creativity, the students explored the essential elements of cinema, from scene composition to the use of light and sound. With ingenuity and teamwork, they brought to life a story that reflected their own experiences and perspectives, using simple but effective resources. 

The resulting short film was a testament to the talent and dedication of these budding young filmmakers. Through the screen, they expressed their unique view of the world and demonstrated their ability to communicate ideas and emotions in a visually powerful way. 

This project not only gave them the opportunity to learn about filmmaking in a fun and practical way, but also taught them valuable lessons about collaboration, creativity and artistic expression. This experience will undoubtedly remain in the students’ memories as an unforgettable moment in their education.