‘San Isidro’ at SEK-El Castillo and SEK-Catalunya

The PYP2 students at SEK-El Castillo have eagerly prepared a special video to share with their classmates at SEK-Catalunya, celebrating one of the most significant festivities in the city of Madrid: San Isidro. This project has been designed not only to inform, but also to connect students through the rich culture and traditions that this festival brings. The video includes a detailed explanation of the origins of San Isidro, as well as a sample of the activities and events that take place during this special day at SEK-El Castillo. 

On this festive day, PYP2 students from both schools had the opportunity to connect online, creating a virtual bridge that allowed them to share experiences and learn together. Through this connection, students from SEK-Catalunya were able to enjoy the celebrations in real time and watch their peers from SEK-El Castillo honouring the patron saint of farmers with joy and enthusiasm. The live cultural exchange has served to enrich the learning of all students, providing them with a broader view of the diverse ways of celebrating and living Spanish culture. 

The video has been a key educational tool in this exchange, facilitating the understanding of the most emblematic aspects of San Isidro, such as the traditional dress, music, typical dances and foods characteristic of the festivity. SEK-El Castillo students have done an excellent job in capturing the essence of these traditions. This multimedia experience has allowed the students to not only see, but also feel the spirit of the festival. 

This activity has strengthened the bonds between the two schools, demonstrating how technology can be a powerful ally in multicultural education and in fostering understanding and respect between different educational communities.