Learning Walk Discovering Together

Primary 2 families had a opportunity to explore their children’s learning environment through the Learning Walk Discovering Together: A Tour of Our New Grade event. This event was designed to give parents a clear and practical insight into what their children will experience in the coming school year.

The day began in a welcoming manner with breakfast, providing a space for parents and teachers to meet informally, setting a friendly and collaborative tone for the day. After breakfast, the agenda continued with the presentation of the new Primary 3 class. The teachers in charge gave a detailed description of the objectives of the course and the enriching activities awaiting the students. This presentation was crucial for parents to better understand the academic expectations and pedagogical approach their children will experience next year, thus strengthening the link between home and school.

The visit concluded with an interactive and creative activity in the art class, where an origami workshop was held. This workshop was particularly special, as PYP6 students took leadership roles in guiding the families of their PYP5 peers through the intricate steps of origami. This activity not only allowed parents to observe the leadership and teaching skills of the PYP6 students, but also provided a fun, hands-on experience that everyone could enjoy together, reflecting the collaborative and community spirit of the Learning Walk.