UCJC Art Competition

SEK-El Castillo Secondary and Sixth Form students, as well as all members of the Art Club, participated in the UCJC Art Competition to commemorate art in its various forms. This event brought together talented young artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity and passion for art. 

We are pleased to announce that the jury has named four of our students as winners, each excelling in different categories: 

Secondary School Award. Recognising the emerging talent and originality of our younger students. 

Sixth Form Award. Highlighting the artistic maturity and technical skill of our older students. 

Art in Motion Award. Celebrating innovation and dynamic expression through works that explore movement. 

Audience Award. A special recognition given by the competition attendees, who voted for their favourite piece. 


We are incredibly proud of the dedication and creativity of all our students who participated in the competition. Their effort and passion are reflected not only in the prizes won but also in the quality and diversity of the works presented. Each piece exhibited was a testament to the talent and unique vision of our young artists. 

The UCJC Art Competition was not only an opportunity to compete but also to learn and share experiences with other students and art professionals. Participants had the chance to receive valuable feedback, find inspiration in their peers’ works, and enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. 

We want to congratulate all participants for their effort and dedication and extend a special recognition to the winners for their outstanding performance. Their achievements are a source of pride for our entire educational community and an inspiration to their peers.