Since we recognise multilingualism as a fact, a right and a resource for learning, SEK International School El Castillo is proud to present for the next academic 2019-2020 year the EAL (English as an Additional Language) and SAL (Spanish as an Additional Language) programmes focused on all foreign students whose mother tongue is different to the languages of instruction (Spanish / English).

The EAL and SAL programmes are aimed at those students whose mother tongue is not English and / or Spanish, or who have no experience with academic studies in any of these languages. We aim to develop students basic language skills so that they can join the classes as soon as possible.

Objectives of the EAL and SAL programmes:

  • To help students develop the necessary linguistic skills to be able to communicate effectively and successfully in academic and social situations.
  • Guarantee the needs of children who are learning English as an additional language so that they can join the classes and perform according to their maximum potential.
  • Ensure that students can overcome any language barrier to learning through appropriate differentiation and support.
  • Support students with a wide variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in order to have access to the curriculum and school life gradually and thus contribute to the development of their own international mindset and that of their peers.

In the case of applicant students whose mother tongue is different from English and / or Spanish, or that have no previous experience with academic studies in these languages, admission to the school will be subject to the enrolment of said student in the EAL or SAL programmes.

To request more information, please contact:

EAL / SAL Methodology: WIDA

WIDA Program:

Once the student begins the academic year they will continue receiving support in English / Spanish through the WIDA programme (World-class Instructional Design and Assessment).

WIDA is a programme that designs standards to teach and work on English / Spanish language studies from the earliest stages supporting the academic success of multilingual students by offering a variety of research-based assessments to measure language proficiency.

The mission of WIDA is to promote language development and academic achievement for students who are culturally and linguistically diverse through high quality standards, assessments, research and professional learning for educators.