We are excited to welcome non-European Union students into our school, believing it to enrich our culture and develop international-mindedness and cross-cultural understanding. Studying at our school and boarding on campus will be a life-changing and wonderful experience.

Students from the EU do not need to apply for a VISA.

NON-EU students need to apply for a VISA before their arrival, which can be obtained through their local embassy. The school will provide the Admissions Letter in order to submit it to the Embassy for the VISA process.

The Spanish Immigration Service has a webpage where you can check whether you need a visa to study in Spain.





Guardianship is a practical and moral support system for young students who are studying in a foreign country, away from their parents. It provides reassurances to students, their parents, and the schools they are attending, that should a student need any additional care, support or assistance, there is somebody nearby who can, and will, help.

If an international student does not have relatives or close friends living in Spain who will act as a guardian or host family, then you must engage the services of a guardian. All international students must have a guardian during their time in the school, regardless of their age. SEK International School El Castillo provides this service to the students who may need it. For further information, please enquire by filling out the Contact Form below.


International Boarding

SEK-El Castillo School has two boarding residences: female and male.

SEK International School El Castillo boarding houses are built to the strictest quality standards.

We are currently in the process of remodelling our spaces to ensure our boarders are given the best service. Both dormitories and common areas (for female and male boarders) will be renovated in the coming months. Both houses boast study rooms; nurse and doctor’s offices; daily laundry, ironing and sorting of clothes; TV room; student service and 24-hour security, as well as excellent sports and recreational areas.

The boarding houses are located on SEK International School El Castillo grounds, where students enjoy all they need for study, leisure and enjoying their free time: TV rooms with satellite channels, WI-FI connections, games, music, reading, library, radio studio, auditorium, as well as everything necessary to enjoy a well-deserved rest in their dormitories, distributed according to students’ age and year.




International Boarding Programmes

  • Academic and personal development: to grow and develop living together within a learning community with over 130 years of experience.
  • High-achieving students: the best preparation for guaranteeing successful access to their chosen fields of study and universities at a national or international level.
  • Elite sports: living together with students from High Performance Sports Schools that reconcile study with sport at the highest national and international level.
  • International experience: linguistic and cultural immersion in Spain.


A day at SEK

Living in the SEK-El Castillo International School Boarding House is a life-changing experience for students. The day begins at 08:15, with breakfast, and enough time to get ready before attending classes, which take place over the usual academic timetable. From 17:30 though, the residence becomes a truly remarkable place:

After tea, students can explore their interests and pursue their passions. The whole school campus is at your service: from the elite-level sports facilities, to the academic and leisure areas, within an enormous open air campus.

The weekends are a chance to participate in unique activities in the incredible city of Madrid and everyone, every day of the year, can soak up the relaxed, open, and positive atmosphere, where students from different countries share their cultures, languages and concerns.

At the SEK-El Castillo International School Boarding, lifelong friendships are made, and memories are forged that our students will treasure throughout their lives.