Experiential and Environmental Outdoor Learning

Some of life’s most important lessons occur in unexpected places. Quality non- formal learning plays a key role in youth development.

At our Learning Adventures center, and through exploratory learning experiences, participants strengthen their self-confidence and trust in their peers, build resilience, develop personal initiative and social and intercultural skills, while enhancing their creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and leadership competencies. These life skills will in turn be bolstered by improved physical abilities, wellness and health resulting from taking part in adventure sports.

In addition, activities in nature help raise awareness on the importance of sustainability of the environment.


Through a wide range of experiential, hands on, projects and activities, our students will learn about themselves and about the many challenges and opportunities facing our world, all the while enjoying an unforgettable life changing adventure.

Our Center is staffed by qualified teachers and instructors. They are trained and committed to providing a truly memorable experience. We make adventure possible, taking care of the details and building programmes that are challenging and fun.

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The SEK spirit, since 1892.

With over 130 years’ experience in providing innovative and high-quality education, SEK Education Group is committed to offering its students an all-round education that will enable them to become successful, and responsible, citizens in the 21st century.

This rich history and educational ethos guarantee the quality of Learning Adventures as it embodies the best practices of SEK and helps further its mission.

SEK Education Group has an unmatched Learning Adventures center comprised of SEK Les Alpes, in the French Mountains, and the tall ship Cervantes Saavedra, docked in the Meditarranean sea.

The combination of the mountains and the sea create new, original and unique learning environments, where activities have also been carefully designed to promote awareness, and action, around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.





Learning Goals

According to the OECD, the must have qualities for future leaders are: collaboration skills, honesty and a shared sense of purpose.

In addition to those, here are the main learning goals of this challenging and practical education experience that will mark a watershed in the lives of students who dare to rise to the challenge of joining a unique learning community.

  • Teamwork and peer cooperation
  • Overcoming adversity and difficult situations
  • Boosting motivation to thrive
  • Self- knowledge and emotional balance
  • Leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • Social commitment and service learning
  • Civic engagement
  • Reflective practice, self-esteem and resilience
  • Risk taking and divergent, creative, thinking
  • Creating healthy habits and a lifelong love for nature
  • Mental and physical well-being




One size doesn’t fit all. Create your customised Learning Adventures

All programmes can be tailor-made to meet your needs. You can add optional activities to the weekly timetable and fully adapt it to the needs of your group

  • One week adventures can be added so that students have the option of enjoying a week of adventure sports in the French Alps and another week aboard the Cervantes Saavedra
  • SEK Education Group offers the possibility of extending any programmes in its International Schools in Madrid or Barcelona, with cultural and linguistic immersion courses
  • Camilo José Cela University can also host students, on campus, for its pre- college programmes: “Humanities, Science and Technology”
  • And students can combine activities at the Learning Adventures with any SEK Summer Course