SEK Education Group Committed to Sport

SEK Education Group has strong ties to the world of sport, which we believe plays a fundamental role in education. We are the first private education group to offer high-performance sports academies.

We were awarded the National Sports Prize in 1988 and 2010, and the Spanish Olympic Committee Prize in 2010 for our support for sports and Olympism.



SEK International Sport Academy

Students between 10 and 18 years of age who wish to combine their studies with high-level sports competition in Spain and abroad are encouraged to apply to our high-performance Sport Academy. Students of the SEK International Sports Academy high-performance athlete programme attend our school and stay at our halls of residence.

  • Bespoke programmes and training systems tailored to the athlete’s level, in order to develop their technical, physical, tactical and mental parameters.
  • Coaching service including psychological support and mental training.
  • Flexible lesson timetables.
  • Medical, nutritional and physiotherapy service in collaboration with the UCJC School of Education and Health.
  • Education through sport.




Sports Facilities

For sporting activities the SEK International School El Castillo’s facilities include:

  • Volleyball court.
  • 4 multi-purpose rooms.
  • Taekwondo, psychomotor activity, dance, skating and theatre rooms.
  • 1,000m2 multi-sports area, with 2 tennis and padle tennis courts, three basketball courts and a 5-a-side football pitch.
  • Beach volleyball area, covering 200m2.
  • A 7-a-side football pitch and a training ground for football and athletics.
  • Heated swimming pool (25m long) with a system of solar panels to heat the water and maintain a constant temperature in accordance with the EcoSEK programme. It covers an area of 400m2.
  • Outside, there are open air multi-sports courts for basketball, handball, football, beach volleyball and 5-a-side football.


The new UCJC Sport Centre facilities are connected to the school and is a unique type of sports club. It is situated in privileged surroundings for relaxing outdoors with family and friends. The Centre has an area of more than 40,000 m² and has a multi-sport pavilion with approved courts for handball and football, basketball, volleyball and badminton; it also offers 4 multi-purpose rooms and two athletics lanes, where official competitions will be held.

UCJC Sports Club: Learn through practice:

  • 11 tennis courts
  • 5 padle tennis courts
  • Artificial turf 7-aside football pitch
  • Fitness rooms and indoor cycle
  • Heated pool for competition
  • Exercise physiology laboratory
  • Equestrian competition track
  • Equestrian school track

Over 140,000 m² for: tennis, padle tennis, golf, horse-riding, fitness and swimming, amongst other sports.