The arts are an integral part of our educational spirit at SEK-El Castillo. We understand the Arts as a driving force in the development of creative thinking, which is a valuable asset in today’s and tomorrow’s work environment. In addition, the Arts provide opportunities for personal growth, well-being, and positive mental health.

As part of that spirit, SEK-El Castillo offers the opportunity to study the Artistic Baccalaureate, a LOMLOE Bachillerato syllabus offered in very few schools, but which responds to a very vocational student profile with a high degree of commitment in their academic development.



The Arts Baccalaureate is an educational modality aimed at students who have interests and skills related to various forms of artistic expression, such as design, cinema, painting, sculpture and other artistic disciplines. The Arts Baccalaureate at SEK-El Castillo provides versatile preparation that allows exploring numerous job fields. Students can channel their skills and knowledge into various sectors, including advertising, design, fashion, architecture, restoration, journalism, photography, as well as in the film and television industry. In addition, they will be prepared to perform in the educational field, work in museums and galleries, contribute to public administration or develop in the business world. The arts provide a solid foundation to thrive in a wide variety of professions.


The Arts Baccalaureate is composed of a group of compulsory subjects: Language and Literature, Philosophy, History, English, and Physical Education in the first year and a series of subjects from different branches of the world of the arts: Artistic Drawing, Design, Audiovisual Culture or Technical Drawing Applied to Art and Design, among others.


Once the Arts Baccalaureate at SEK-El Castillo is completed, the student will be able to:

  • Take the EVAU to access a university degree. The Arts Baccalaureate equips the student with all the necessary knowledge to study artistic degrees such as Fine Arts, Design or Art History, and even some from other branches since the compulsory subjects of the Artistic Baccalaureate are common to those of other baccalaureates. Thus, they can also access History, Sociology, Translation and Interpretation, Teaching, Audiovisual Communication…
  • The Arts Baccalaureate will also open the door to many Vocational Training courses from all fields, from design to product creation or plastic arts, through graphic arts and the multimedia world. The Arts Baccalaureate also opens the doors to training in photography, commerce and marketing, interior design, tourism and hospitality.
  • In addition, there are options such as the Expert Course in Modern Urban Dance from Camilo José Cela University that prepares students for a career as a professional in urban and modern dance.
  • Access a Higher School of Dramatic Art, a Dance Conservatory or a Music Conservatory if the student wishes to specialise in theatre, dance or music.


There is enough scientific research which supports the view that learning music enhances other cognitive abilities such as learning, language, memory, and neuroplasticity of various brain areas. In SEK El Castillo students are immersed in a music program from a very early age, starting with our Music Stimulation for Infants and go on to actively play an instrument by the age of four/five. (Year EC3). Throughout Primary right through to High School students have the opportunity to engage with our music school and prepare for music certificates within the school timetable.


There is no doubt that we live in a highly visual orientated society, critical analysis of visual information, connections with historical events, as well social and ethical values are key when investigating on visual arts and media. Practical learning helps to develop a sense of scale, proportion, balance, mathematical spatial awareness, through technical drawing, presentation skills as well as resilience and wellbeing. These skills are developed from Primary right through to Secondary. In Infant School students explore a rich sensory world through a rich use of materials.

In High School we offer two alternatives for our creative and talented students:

  • Visual Arts in Diploma- High and Standard Level.
  • Arts High School National Program.

LIASON WITH UCJC: Both high school programs offer students in year 1, three masterclasses with professors from our undergraduate Digital Art and Film course, in our state of the arts Media Lab, with the latest Design Mac computers and design programs. Students will learn firsthand techniques in digital art and animation, receiving a certification at the end of the year.


Theatre is perceived as a cross curriculum activity in conjunction with the language department and integrated into the curriculum. Theatre develops public speaking skills as well group dynamics, helps build self-confidence and general wellbeing. We are also members of ISTA, taking part in interschool workshops.


SEK Institution has a long history of supporting high ability and talented students. In SEK El Castillo we have provided the adequate learning spaces, highly qualified, and committed teachers, and a comprehensive program in the following areas:

MUSIC: Through our music school we offer the possibility of dual certification in the ABRSM (Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music), as well as National Elementary Conservatory exam preparation, in various instruments. We also offer Trinity Rock and Pop Certifications. All our music teachers are conservatory trained.

SCHOOL CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA: The school choir and orchestra run vertically to include students from upper primary right through to high school, and has played in various events as well as venues, as the Hard Rock Café.

The Theatre Club: Theatre club for our residents’ students, help build community and companionship. We also offer Theatre as an extra school activity.

THE ART CLUB: The club was created as an extra school activity for students in Secondary, to further develop their artistic talents as well as develop concentration and resilient abilities. Community exhibitions will be held, in conjunction with the UCJC.


THEATRE BOARDING CLUB: The Theatre Boarding club has been running for over 10 years, offering our boarding students a space for fun group dynamics and wellbeing.


  • Four specialized and equipped art rooms.
  • Two curriculum music rooms – with acoustic installations and instruments.
  • School hall and stage.


6 music rooms with acoustic installations and specialized instruments (String room, Percussion room, Guitar and band room, 3 piano and wind rooms). 6 music rooms with acoustic installations and specialized instruments (String room, Percussion room, Guitar and band room, 3 piano and wind rooms) Instruments:

  • PERCUSSION: Three Drum sets, 6 big cajons, 8 small cajons, three big Drums for Batucada,4 small snare drums and 86 small percussion instruments, One Melodic Xylophone.
  • PIANOS: Three acoustic pianos,8 full size digital pianos,10 small size keyboards, 6 small usb keyboards.
  • STRING 17 acoustic violins, 2 violas,5 cellos,1 double bass, 2 electric violins, one electric violoncello.
  • WOOD WIND 4 Saxophones,1 saxonette,3 flutes (flautas traversera)1 clarinet.
  • BRASS 4 trumpets,1 trombone.
  • GUITARS 15 Classical guitars,5 electric guitars,4 bass guitars,2 acoustic guitars.
  • STUDIO RECORDING MATERIAL 16 Amplifiers,3 mixers,6 studio speakers, 5 microphones, digital recording mixer, 3 PA Speakers.