The SEK Educational System is based on knowledge acquisition through the exploration and understanding of concepts, research and the development of competencies that encourage critical thought and creativity. SEK students learn strategies that will permit them, throughout their lives, to be autonomous, self-assured and able to learn independently.

In respect of the all-round development of our students, we offer a balanced and comprehensive education that places particular emphasis on sports, the development of technological competencies and those related to social and emotional intelligence, community service and artistic expression.

  • In Early Childhood Education,  linguistic  immersion  is  achieved  through  a programme delivered entirely in English (with one hour per day in Spanish).
  • In Primary Education, bilingual provision is set at 80% of school time, with one day in English and the next in Spanish.
  • In Secondary Education there are 3 academic pathways depending on the level of English of the students: in Spanish, English or bilingual.
  • In Baccalaureate , our students can choose to take the Diploma Programme in English  and / or Spanish , or the Spanish Bachillerato  where they can choose some   subjects in English.
  • From years 3 to 4 Primary students are taught French and German simultaneously. As of year 5, students must choose between French or German (2 h / week).

The SEK Group, a pioneer (1977) in the implementation in Spain of the International Baccalaureate Organisation® (IB) programmes, integrates their curricular framework in order to enhance the national curriculum in the form of a continuum from the ages of 3 up to 18 years of age.

The IB® Diploma enjoys great academic prestige and provides a means of access to the most prestigious universities in the world.


The SEK Educational Model places special emphasis on the development of emotional intelligence skills, integrating them into the curriculum. The International Baccalaureate programmes (PYP, MYP and DP) include creative resolution of conflicts. Our teachers receive training from different members of this international organisation, as well as by experts in education.


We personalise learning through differentiation in the classroom and through the Intelligent Classroom method, defined as:

A learning community, whose main objective is to develop the intelligence and values of each one of its pupils, who plan, implement and regulate their own activities, under the direction of their teachers who use a variety of teaching methods, and suggest real tasks, evaluated by the pupils and their teachers, in a multi-purpose, technologically equipped space”.

The Diploma Programme features the Flipped Classroom method which promotes the acquisition of information prior to the start of the school day, so that class time is transformed into collaborative learning activities between peers with the help of teachers.

These experiences are fundamental to the students’ adaptation to their future university or working lives.


SEK – El Castillo offers a wide range of complementary activities whose aim is to care for, individually, the personality development and the characteristics and interests of every student.